Parish Choir

Our Parish Choir sings at the 9:30am Sunday Mass and major feasts. Anyone, Senior in high-school or older, is welcome to join, no audition or prior singing experience is necessary. To join, and for more information please contact Director of Sacred Music Michael Mills at:

      Schola Cantorum

The Schola Cantorum is a group of experienced singers who specialize in singing Gregorian chant at Sunday Mass and for Feasts & Solemnities. With flexible rehearsal scheduling, this is a good opportunity for those with non-traditional schedules or who may be interested in a smaller time commitment than the Parish Choir. Auditions are required. For audition information please contact Michael Mills.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music adds great joy and solemnity to major feasts and other parish events. If you play an orchestral instrument and would like to volunteer, please contact Michael Mills to schedule an audition.

Children's Music

Our parish is currently in the process of developing a children's music program. If you are a parishioner with school-age children, please consider completing this survey to help us develop the best program for our parish. Thank You!

Music Info

The music we sing for the Ordinary Parts of the Mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, Lamb of God) is taken from the Roman Missal and Roman Gradual. The Roman Gradual is a collection of chants which has been formed over the past 1,500 years and used in every part of the world where the Mass is prayed as the primary source of music for the Mass. By singing these ancient melodies in Latin, we unite ourselves not only with our fellow Catholics around the world, but also with those who have gone before us through centuries past, and who will follow us for centuries to come.

Please see the links below for sheet music and helpful recordings!

During Ordinary Time and for major feasts we sing Mass VIII 'de Angelis'. 

Sheet Music


During Advent & Lent we use Mass XVII.

Sheet Music


For Funerals and the Feast of All Souls we sing Mass XVIII

Sheet Music


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